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Away awhile

Ah… Summer’s almost up and sitting inside on my computer more than I have to might start sound appealing again. In reality, I have managed to get myself into one of my busiest summers ever. I’m not quite sure how I do this to myself, but I do. I’ve been working full time at my awesome job, I started rowing and went from rowing 3 times a week to 5 before the Canadian Master’s regatta, plus I have been working on a little architectural competition for school, gardening and I’ve been reading- 10 books this summer and I think I can finish at least one more before Sept. This might not be impressive to all ye PhDs out there, but I draw for a living so I’m out of the habit I never got into.

A well loved but distant friend commented that my blog doesn’t actually say very much about me and what I’m doing. It’s true- it doesn’t focus on a single subject and it doesn’t focus on me so its probably not interesting to anyone. I’ll be working on that in the next few days catching people up on what I’m actually doing.

Till then, I’m not dead, just busy.