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This Year- 2010

My year will be packed and I anticipate a little rough. I have a busy semester and I’m starting my thesis. In September Colin will go off to school somewhere and I’ll do the design portion of my thesis here alone. It seems at the outset a little bleak, but I think there will be more in there than I can see in my crystal ball.

The resolutions are few, but important.

  • Keep my friends close- Being in Austin reaffirmed how important the friends (even those not there) I have spread out across the country are to me. With them I feel most alive and myself. Colin and I are like a little island in my mind and its important to send out the carrier pigeons more often.
  • Do a good thesis- Damn it, I choose a school with a thesis on purpose, stand tall, have conviction, do well.
  • Make sure to do the things I want to do and sometimes let them come before the things I have to do.

So really, that’s it. It encapsulates a lot, but I think that will keep the bow pointed in the right directions


A Review of Resolutions

I did this in March and I’ve pretty much forgotten about it since then. Working was very different than going to school. Still, let’s check in

  • Focus: when it is time to focus focus– I worked in a very quiet office where focusing was easy. I even managed to do a decent job in my outside work project like the Future Social Competition. Man, did we pull that together when push came to shove.
  • Reflect: that’s what this whole things is about. I’ve found recently that I often don’t have anything to say about what I am doing. I think that it is not because I actually have nothing to say (come now), but because I haven’t taken the time to clarify things for myself. I’m not even sure what I meant by this any more. I think working really helped me clarify my convictions even if I didn’t do too much reflecting. Hopefully school won’t confuse me again. In terms of actual output. I’ve got 60 posts on this blog so that ain’t bad.
  • Time for myself: That means taking the time to workout and do some pottery.– The pottery thing never really panned out, but I have found time to work out in the form of rowing. It’s gotten intense though and I’m no longer sure it is entirely for myself. Still I’ve done a good job taking time to read, just chat or walk with Colin, despite always wanting more of that. In the words of Amynta “we are so good at this, why don’t we do it all the time.”
  • Do not over commit: This really just means thinking for a few seconds before I volunteer to do something.– Okay, so while I was working I really did maybe over commit with work, rowing and FS, but I handled it pretty well and I look back on those as good times. I might have over committed for the semester, but I did back out of one class for my sanity
  • Use my camera: for more that just photographing models- I did a good job taking pictures of weddings. This I should work on still.

Well, it looks like I did a good job on my resolutions. I think the secret is making them very vague.

Best of 2009

Best of 2009

It’s a little late, but this is something my good friend Ashley does every year and I always really appreciate it. Years are good arbitrary markers to see what has happened and looking at these images it appears to have been a very long and very wonderful year over all. I tend to be pessimistic and focus on the negative when I think back, but when I actually look, it’s been pretty good. This year I’ll also try to do what my friend Amynta does and write down the really wonderful days and what made them so. My year is pretty well planned out so this will be a good way to find the little beautiful things.

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