This Year- 2010

My year will be packed and I anticipate a little rough. I have a busy semester and I’m starting my thesis. In September Colin will go off to school somewhere and I’ll do the design portion of my thesis here alone. It seems at the outset a little bleak, but I think there will be more in there than I can see in my crystal ball.

The resolutions are few, but important.

  • Keep my friends close- Being in Austin reaffirmed how important the friends (even those not there) I have spread out across the country are to me. With them I feel most alive and myself. Colin and I are like a little island in my mind and its important to send out the carrier pigeons more often.
  • Do a good thesis- Damn it, I choose a school with a thesis on purpose, stand tall, have conviction, do well.
  • Make sure to do the things I want to do and sometimes let them come before the things I have to do.

So really, that’s it. It encapsulates a lot, but I think that will keep the bow pointed in the right directions


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