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Where ya been bluebird?

Oh the sloth I've been

I realize checking this site that I haven’t written in almost 6 months. I even had trouble remembering how to log on. In truth I’ve had trouble figuring out exactly what is worth writing about. This blog doesn’t have a clear focus and though I wish I had a eccentric passion like my friend at Bashfully Designed does for mail, I don’t. I don’t have enough drive to write exclusively about architecture, rowing, gardening or Vancouver, the 4 topics I appear to have covered most. So this will continue to be a journal in the most traditional of senses and probably only of interest to my friends. Frankly those are the blogs I like to read and I always wish my friends would write more about themselves.

So now for a quick run down of the last 6 months.

It was a good semester for me at school. I had a great studio with John Bass which included a trip to the California River Delta and the opportunity to see my Cali folk.

We went on a successful family trip to Costa Rica with my family while the Olympics were here in Vancouver.

I trained my butt off all winter for rowing and raced the Windy cup with my team (see post to follow).

Colin got a job as assistant manager at Starbucks… I know what you are thinking, ask him about it some time.

Colin also got into school and will be attending the University of Illinois, Campaign-Urbana next year. I’m sorry to everyone who hoped we would move to their cities. We hoped we would to, but you gotta go to the school that’s right and U of I is finally that school for Colin. If you are an academic and there is a conference for you at U of I you can stay with us, one of the plus sides of a city you’ve never heard of is that we can afford a two bedroom.

School got out for me in early May. I futzed for a few days, figured I wouldn’t find a job for just two months, but then a lead came through and I did. So now I’m working full time+, rowing 3 days a week and coxing/coaching for the learn to row program 2 days a week. I’m going to be bet by the end of next month and in need of our trip to Yosemite/San Diego and our drive out to the Midwest.

with any luck this won’t be the last post from me for the next 6 months.


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